** All reasonable offers considered **

Notes from the owner:

Last year of the Fever “topside.” In 2000, Fountain went with the Lightning topside and continued the side-by-side engine configuration. The 99 has the stepped-hull with the areas to ventilate the hull and reduce the water’s adhesion on the hull (more air, more speed). The Fever has the widest cockpit and the most exterior space just short of going backwards to a Baja. The Lightning’s have the 4” walk around down the sides of the hull, which makes the cockpit quite a bit narrower. If you want room to put people on board, this is your wagon. 
Stereo: a full JL audio system, (2) 12’s in boxes under the rear bench, which acts like a band pass box that’s ported. There are (4) 10’s and (8) 6.5’s in custom enclosures. All running to a Bluetooth Alpine head unit (I still have a crap-load of CD’s from years past…). There are (2) Odyssey and (2) Stinger Car Audio batteries on board. Also a separate stereo in the cabin that’s pretty vanilla.

The Outdrives are IMCO SC’s with 2” shorties and 1” spacers. (Puts the props down a little further, better control) They have 16 hrs on full remanufacturing by IMCO in California. Harris Performance (Dadeville, AL) dismounted and remounted with all new hoses, etc.  32” Bravo 4-blade props that have been matched and balanced. 

(2) SeaBlaze LED stern lights make the water glow from behind. 

Cockpit – along with the stereo, there is the MarineMat flooring in a diamond stitch pattern and also on the swim platform (necessary bc painted surfaces are SLICK).

Dash was fully redone by Merlin Marine with all new Livorsi gauges, required with Deutch connectors and new controls & wheel. The smoked lexan windshield was dismounted and plastidipped from the inside to give the ‘black’ look, but didn’t want to make it permanent in case a future owner wanted it differently. There is also a Simrad chart plotter (GO7) that has Fox Marine NEMA2000 gateways for the engines (so you can get the engine data on the screen). The 575sci software wasn’t compatible with the NEMA2000 system, so this system allows fuel burn (gallons/hr) and very accurate RPM to be displayed along with fuel remaining  other things.

The engines and engine compartment are the fun parts. 

There is the Hardin flame arrestors, then the Mercury 575sci fuel injection system reprogrammed by Tyler Crockett Marine to operate the B&M blowers (rebuilt by Merlin Marine, 2018, new gears, bearings, blower strips seals, etc). Then there are Teague SuperChillers below the blowers all on top of Dart 540ci blocks with Merlin heads. There are also Hardin Sand & Silt strainers for the superchillers and Hardin Marine sea-strainers for the engines’ raw water (each are fed by separate high-speed pickups on the transom) There are also AeroMotive1000 fuel pumps to manage the fuel demands. And 196 gallons of fuel on board. The engines put out approximately 925-930hp per side, which gives you just short of 1900hp total. The CMI long-tube headers do a stupid-good job of getting the entire dock to turn around and look when you light off the engines. On Lanier, during a poker run, the Skater and Cig guys’ heads popped up like prairie-dogs.

The entire boat is painted. Not wrapped. 
Silver, black, lambo orange and charcoal. 

The colors are “off the rack” so if any color matching in the future needs to happen, it’s not a challenge. 
Toyota silver
Lamborghini orange (on the Gallardo)
Corvette black & Charcoal colors
All covered by a crap load of clear coat.

I’ve had the boat the 97mph on full tanks and a ton of gear on board. The previous owner showed me the tattletale GPS and it was 104mph. I’m assuming 1/2 tanks and 2 people. It’ll cruise at 45 at 3250rpm and not get into the boost really. 4500 rpm gets you music, and 5600rpm is blower-screams and “oh-f$@#.” It ain’t for the faint of heart…. it gets it pounding. 

I’m only selling because I had artificial cervical spine discs implanted, and I just can’t use it. I love this boat, and I really only want to see her go to someone who will treat her “right.” But she needs to be used and run, it’s a shame to see her on the trailer in the shop…



**All reasonable offers considered**


Macon, GA






38 ft




Dart 540ci with Merlin heads


2x 925 HP



interested in getting more information about this boat?

interested in getting more information about this boat?